NASA Hubble Shares Dazzling Image Of Interacting Galaxy Pair ‘IC 1623’ That’s 275 Million Light Years Away!

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently shared an image of an interacting galaxy pair, IC 1623, that’s roughly 275 million light-years away. The image has been shared by NASA Hubble’s official Instagram account and has gathered over 91,000 likes and 260 comments.

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The caption for the image states, “A cataclysmic cosmic collision takes centre stage! In this #HubbleFriday image, two galaxies are in the final stages of merging. This interacting galaxy pair, IC 1623, is roughly 275 million light-years away”. Check out this sparkling dynamic duo in all its glory:

According to NASA, the two galaxies were in the final stages of merging, and astronomers expected a powerful inflow of gas to ignite a frenzied burst of star formation in the resulting compact starburst galaxy. Moreover, Hubble captured IC 1623 in 2008 using two filters at optical and infrared wavelengths on the Advanced Camera for Surveys.

NASA explains that the image uses data from Wide Field Camera 3, and combines bservations captured in eight filters spanning infrared to ultraviolet wavelengths to reveal the finer details of IC 1623.

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NASA Hubble’s official Instagram account regularly shares new images of different celestial bodies. For instance, it recently also shared an image of a beautiful galaxy, called DF2 that contains about 1/200th the number of stars as our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Also, DF2 seems to lack dark matter – the “invisible glue” that holds our universe together.

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