Here’s everything Amazon announced at its big fall 2021 hardware event

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Amazon on Wednesday hosted its annual 2021 fall event. The e-commerce giant announced a slew of new products including a new autonomous robot, a smart thermostat, and a service that lets you take care of aging family members when you’re away.

Here’s a quick summary of all the products and services that Amazon announced today.

Amazon Astro

The Amazon Astro is a new Wall-E-like autonomous robot by the company that integrates Alexa and its AI capabilities with some hardware on wheels. The Astro is a robot pet with a periscope camera with live feed support, Ring Protect Pro support and more. More than just Alexa on wheels, Astro will also have features of its own, including the ability to do things like beatbox and rest on command.

Astro is also smart enough to navigate around your house without the need of any preset routes. Astro can move, see, hear, understand and act on its own, making it a completely autonomous device. The robot will start at $999 and will be an invite-only product. Amazon also hinted at an Astro 2 that will come later and be even smarter.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

The new thermostat by Amazon works with Alexa and remains energy efficient. Amazon has partnered with Honeywell Home to enable the smart thermostat to be compatible with existing Hvac systems. The product is also priced at just $59.99.

Amazon Smart Thermostat The Amazon Smart Thermostat. (Image Source: Amazon)

The thermostat can automatically sense situations and regulate temperature accordingly. It will also work with commands like “Goodnight” to regulate temperatures accordingly.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon’s Echo Show 15 features a large display and can be either wall-mounted or mounted on a stand. The large 15.6-inch screen makes a quick glance at information much easier. This is also helped by the new Alexa widgets. The device will also sync widgets like sticky notes from each family member and show them all in one spot.

Amazon has also designed a widget that lets users see all their existing widgets in one place, as well as another that can show you live camera feed in a PiP (picture in picture) view. The device also supports Full HD video streaming and can stream news, movies and more.

Amazon Echo Show 15 The Amazon Echo Show 15. (Image Source Amazon)

When not in use, the Echo Show can also turn into a photo frame that can also display personalised information if you choose it. The Echo show 15 is powered by the brand’s new AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which is faster than ever. It enables features like Visual ID that lets the device recognise you when you’re in the room and show content accordingly. All processing is on-device and the profile can be deleted if the user wishes.

The Echo Show 15 is priced at $249.99 and it also supports Alexa custom sounds. Alexa can now be ‘taught’ new sounds like that of a fridge door opening. This can then be used to chain automated tasks.

Amazon Kids+, Hey Disney

Amazon has added more new content to Amazon Kids+ including series and games. These include Do Re Mi, Arpo, Super Spy Ryan, Blippie’s Treehouse and Monkie Kid.

After adding support for Shaquille O’Neal and Melissa McCarthy, Amazon is also adding more real-life characters to the Alexa voice assistant. The company will soon offer Hey Disney, which will allow users to interact with their favourite Disney and even Star Wars characters. The assistant will also bake in trivia and jokes.

Amazon Hey Disney Amazon’s Hey Disney stand for the Echo Show. (Image Source Amazon)

Hey Disney will come to life with Alexa at home and across Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms.. Amazon also announced a new Echo Show stand with a Mickey Mouse theme.

Amazon Glow

A new device, the Glow comes with a screen and a projector built into the device that offers an immersive experience for kids. There is an 8-inch LCD screen that will allow kids to watch their parents, teachers and guardians while the projected image below acts as a second interactive screen. The device is also portable and can be picked and placed anywhere to use with any flat surface.

Amazon Glow The Amazon Glow device comes with a screen and a smart projector. (Image Source: Amazon)

Amazon Glow also supports object scanning to turn pictures and toys into digital elements like stickers and jigsaw puzzles. Amazon has also partnered with companies like Disney and Mattel to bring more content to the device. Glow will also let kids call pre-selected contacts. The Glow is priced at $249.99.

Amazon Halo View

A sequel to Amazon’s Halo, the Halo View comes with a display and comes with 7 days of battery life. It features a number of different leather, metal and other bands. It will feature a number of health tracking abilities like heart-rate tracking as well as Halo Fitness workout plans and Halo Nutrition personalised meal planner (Both included in the Halo membership).

Amazon Halo View The Amazon Halo View fitness tracker. (Image Source: Amazon)

New Ring Products

Amazon announced a bunch of new Ring security products at the event. These include the Ring Always Home Cam, a personal drone camera that can fly around your house and give you a thorough look around all parts of your house when you want it.

Amazon ring alarm pro, amazon ring always home cam, The new Amazon Ring Security devices with price. (Image Source: Amazon)

The Ring Alarm pro is a professionally monitored security system with a built-in WiFi 6 eero router and the Ring Virtual Security Guard lets you allow professional people to monitor your cameras. Amazon also announced the Blink Video Doorbell for front doors that will let users see and speak to visitors.

Alexa Together

Alexa Together is a service that will let users help aging family members feel more comfortable living independently. An extension to Care Hub, Alexa Together will bring new features like urgent response, hands-free 24/7 access to a professional emergency helpline and more.

Amazon Alexa Together, Alexa Together, The Alexa Together subscription will start at $19.99 per month. (Image Source: Amazon)

The service will also be compatible with third-party devices that can detect any issues at home, like someone falling. Alexa Together will also make help more available when needed, allowing anyone like a caring neighbour to help someone in need. You can also add contacts to a user’s Alexa account so they can call friends and family, hands-free. The subscription price for Together is $19.99 a month.

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