Animated stickers have been available in Telegram and Gboard for a long while, but WhatsApp has only supported static sticker images so far. Be it through the app’s few included packs or downloadable third-party packs from the Play Store, you got still image stickers. That briefly changed today in WhatsApp beta, as the app introduced animated sticker support.

The feature showed up in beta v2.20.194.7 (APK Mirror) and then disappeared in v2.20.194.9. When it’s working, stickers from animated packs are live in the conversation, though they only animate once and stop. You need to scroll up or down to trigger them to play again. That might change when the feature is properly implemented, or it could be a conscious decision on the devs’ part to avoid too much movement on your screen when you’re trying to read some messages.

The stickers also show up as animated in the built-in WhatsApp picker, but they do loop indefinitely there.

We currently know of five animated sticker packs: Playful Piyomaru, Rico’s Sweet Life, Moody Foodies, Chummy Chum Chums, and Bright Days. All appear to be supplied by WhatsApp, but can’t be added or found until someone sends you a sticker from each pack. That will likely change when the feature is properly rolled out. We didn’t find any third-party packs that support the feature yet.

If you want to test these stickers out, you need to be on beta v2.20.194.7 of WhatsApp, which is still available on APK Mirror, and receive a sticker from someone who’s enabled them. If you keep the app’s automatic updates on in the Play Store, it will go up to 194.9 and the stickers won’t animate anymore. We’ll need to wait a bit to get the proper rollout.

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