ProtonMail is well known for its encrypted email service that is built around protecting online privacy. Around this time last year, the company expanded its portfolio to offer a calendar service that boasted of the same end-to-end encryption promise. ProtonCalendar, which was previously only accessible via the web, is now available on Android.

The app is currently exclusive to paying ProtonMail or ProtonVPN subscribers and can be installed from the Google Play Store or downloaded from APK Mirror. It’s currently in beta, but it still offers most of the features that the Web version does.

It can manage up to 10 calendars and allows users to create, edit, and delete events. Any changes made within the app will sync and reflect on the Web (and vice versa.) There’s support for light/dark mode, and users can also add emojis — a nifty feature that makes it easier to see what’s on the schedule at a glance.

Most importantly, the app offers end-to-end encryption, which means that information such as the event title, description, location, and participants, is encrypted on the device before it reaches the servers. This ensures that no one else can see your calendar events but you (and the people you’ve shared them with.)

Proton says it’s already working on bringing more features to the Android app, such as the ability to add participants to an event, respond to invitations, and import events. It’s also working on an iOS app, whose availability will be announced in 2021.

Proton Calendar - Private and secure calendar
Proton Calendar - Private and secure calendar