You might think of Microsoft News as yet another algorithm-riding aggregator full of noisy, SEO’d headlines, but you’d be missing out on the hidden gem that I’ve taken advantage of: the ability to read a current selection of full articles from paywalled sources like Bloomberg or The New York Times. Microsoft is aiming to capitalize on the service’s strengths with a new name — Microsoft Start.

Start will remain available in the same places as News has been: as a standalone website; integrated into Windows 10 and 11; as part of Microsoft Edge’s new tab UI (hello), and; as a mobile app.

The Android app has been updated to reflect the new name and logo though it remains pretty much the same as it was from the last time it was called Microsoft News. The news and home section show off stories from partnered publications that can be checked out within Start’s distraction-free reader view — there’s no paywall from sources that typically have one. You can head into the settings to toggle which sources and topics you want to hear from or about and which to tune out.

Start also acts as a jack of trades with features like unit conversion and a somewhat serviceable web browser where you can search for other articles, but you’ll be traveling directly to the publication’s sites and, therefore, will be subject to any applicable paywall.

So, Microsoft Start is dead, long live Microsoft News… or the other way around. Again, the app itself hasn’t really changed, just the name. You can grab it from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

Microsoft News: Top stories, weather & more
Microsoft News: Top stories, weather & more