In the coming weeks, this new way of interacting with Google Assistant will debut on home devices like the Nest Hub and Nest Audio. Guest mode can be activated or deactivated with a quick voice command. While the setting is enabled, none of your interactions with Assistant will be saved or recorded, and personalization features will be disabled. This could be the default mode on those Nest smart displays in hotels. Basically, it’s like incognito mode on Chrome, but for voice interactions on Assistant devices.

The redesigned security alert finds you no matter what Google app you’re using.

Google will also be introducing a redesigned critical alert along with an improved way of delivering it to users. When a serious security issue is detected on your account, it will automatically display in the Google app you’re currently using and help you take action to fix it. A limited release will begin in the coming weeks, with plans to expand the new prompt to more users early in 2021.

Finally, the company is making it easier to manage Location History data thanks to controls in Timeline that let you add or edit places you’ve visited with fewer taps. Google will also start showing you your personal security and privacy settings when you ask questions like “Is my Google Account secure?” to the Assistant.

Remember, just because you use Android doesn’t mean you have to let Google see all your data. If you’re wary of the big G snooping, be sure to check out our guide to enhancing the privacy of your Android device.