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The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Action scenes and explosions and gigantic messes are awesome. In fact, the only way they could get any cooler is if they were in slow motion. Lucky for you, The Slow Mo Guys web series does exactly that. Although the channel is technically considered to be focused on science and technology, it’s really more entertaining than anything else.

The Slow Mo Guys channel has nearly 14 million subscribers and features all kinds of things filmed in slow motion, from Taekwondo stunts and Molotov cocktails, to flamethrowers and exploding fruit. The boys sacrifice yards, quarries, innocent fruit, and sometimes even their own physical health in order to get the shot.

The members of The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, are friends from the United Kingdom. The two met at a grocery store they both used to work at and bonded over Xbox video games.

Dan, a former explosives expert from the British Army, is usually the one acting as the show’s stuntman, while Gavin is the one working the camera. Gavin got his start working with Phantom digital high-speed cameras shooting slow-motion scenes for movies like Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Snow White and the Huntsman. He is also a member of Rooster Teeth, where he stars in Let’s Play gaming videos and the web series Red vs. Blue.

While some of the series’ shots seem gloriously out-of-this-world, the show is typically filmed by just the two of them in Gavin’s backyard. The channel has a truly impressive variety of content, but the bulk of it centers around brilliant chemical or physical reactions. Sometimes, colorful elements—like ink and fireworks—are used to create a beautiful show, while other times we’re left awestruck by shots of Mother Nature herself, like Iceland’s geysers.

The Slow Mo Guys is heavily inspired by the popular TV show Mythbusters, which puts myths, questions, and urban legends to the test (and yes, also occasionally features explosions and destruction). in an interview with ABC News, Free said “We film a lot of stuff that’s just like, ‘Oh, you see that every day,’ but you’ve never seen it this slow, so then it’s very shareable, and you don’t necessarily even need to speak English to enjoy a balloon full of water popping.”

Although the show focuses on serious science, the guys’ friendship is what really makes the show appealing. Sometimes, there are scenarios that neither of them are good at, which are always good for a laugh. Other times, it’s watching their genuine reactions to the clips they just shot that’s entertaining, or the occasional failed attempts to get a shot (especially those Dan falls victim to). And the fact that a single video of Gavin jumping onto a giant water balloon has netted over 186 million views proves that slow motion everything is, in fact, exactly what the internet wants.

Gavin and Dan have also created a solid amount of videos in 4K, which, if I’m being honest, are always the first thing I play when I buy a new TV (you know, to make sure things look good). Also within the channel are two short series, including Planet Slow Mo and The Super Slow Show, which are both YouTube Originals.

Gavin and Dan do an excellent job blending lighthearted humor and science with seriously cool slow-motion shots in their bite-size videos. It’s the perfect type of content to just spend an entire day binge watching with family and friends. With over 2 billion views since the channel started and a Streamy Award for Cinematography, the success of The Slow Mo Guys is easy to understand.

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