How to get Mega Charizard Energy in Pokemon GO

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Niantic’s popular game Pokemon GO generation six came with mega pokemon addition in the game. One of the most valuable resources in the game is Mega Charizard Energy. However, users have to evolve each Charizard separately to power them up. So, users will have to use Mega Energy for each Charizard to upgrade them, this seems to be pretty hard to do so as one will need numerous resources of the energy. In this guide, we will show you the ideal ways to get Mega Charizard Energy in Pokemon GO.

3 ways to get Mega Charizard Energy in Pokemon GO

There are three ways one can get the Mega Charizard Energy:

  • Defeat Mega Charizard in raids
  • Earn Mega Charizard Energy through special research tasks
  • Play with a Charizard that has already been mega evolved

The mega Aerodactyl will acquire the mega raid slots for January 2022, so users will not be able to get any mega Charizard energy via raids for now. At the moment, none of the special research tasks provide Charizard energy as a reward, so users will not be able to get any mega Charizard energy via research tasks either. 

Now, the only way one can get the Mega Charizard Energy is to play with a Charizard that has already evolved with the mega energy before. Doing so will get more value out of the collected energy. Currently, Charizard needs 200 mega energy to mega evolve for the first time. After the first evolve the cost to evolve decreases to 40 mega energy.

If you are evolving the Charizard for the first time, it may take a lot of grinding to collect the required energy. The more the user defeats a mega pokemon in raids, the more energy will be rewarded. So the best way to collect more mega Charizard energy is to catch and power up more pokemon for the raids. 

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