Razer RGB Christmas lights are a thing now, so I created a monster

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There have been many jokes over the years regarding Razer entering into unusual markets outside of the gaming world, with a general theme of slapping some branded RGB lights onto everyday objects. As these are usually announced as satirical April Fools jokes (we all remember the Razer Toaster right?) you’ll forgive me for being initially skeptical when I was informed that they’re now involved with Christmas lighting.

As it turns out, Razer have in fact partnered up with Twinkly, a leading manufacturer of smart LED light systems and decorative lights, to integrate Razer Chroma RGB into products. Having tried some of the string lights for myself, it really is a fantastic experience – you can fully control the lights via an app on your phone, and switch between a huge variety of customizable sequences and designs.

Twinkly Razer RGB Lights

See, this guy looks super impressed with his RGB lights. Almost as if he forgot he had put them up. (Image credit: Twinkly)

From falling snowflakes, exploding fireworks, or a majestically billowing flag of the USA, there are more than enough downloadable designs available to keep you entertained for hours when trying to install the lights. There’s even the option to 3D map your Christmas tree in order to manually draw in what lighting design you would like, giving the option to create things like Pac-Man (or something altogether more childish).

You can get the Twinkly lights in traditional string, cluster, and icicle varieties depending on your requirements and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. I used a set of 400 string lights, which will set you back $229.99 (around £170, AU$300), to cover a 7-foot tall tree.

The business partnership between Razer and Twinkly does actually makes sense when you consider how useful it would be for a smart lighting company to integrate with the largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that you could buy gaming string lights. And as a frustrating, cringeworthy concept came to my mind, I knew I needed to bring this abomination into the world and make it everybody else’s problem too.

Razer Twinkly RGB Gaming Lights

Not how I would have set mine up, but alright. (Image credit: Twinkly)

You see, in my house string lights (or fairy lights as we call them) are exclusively for decorating Christmas trees. I couldn’t shake the image from my mind that these lights would be used by RGB addicted gamers to decorate their seasonal fauna with an homage to all the joy that video gaming can bring.

After hunting around the web, I did find official geeky tree ornaments from the likes of Xbox and Hallmark but I wasn’t satisfied. Retail ornaments are expensive, and as a ‘gamer’ I’ve clearly been spending all my hard-earned cash on League of Legends skins and energy drinks to stay focused. With some K/DA blasting in the background and a very inadvisable amount of caffeine flowing through my system, I created the ultimate gaming Christmas tree.

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Razer Twinkly RGB Gaming Lights

(Image credit: Future)
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Razer Twinkly RGB Gaming Lights

(Image credit: Future)
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Razer Twinkly RGB Gaming Lights

(Image credit: Future)
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Razer Twinkly RGB Gaming Lights

(Image credit: Future)

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