Tablet. Laptop. Doodlepad. New Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is bringing it all together

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Remember when people said tablets are dead? Those pesky phablets had killed them, and ultrabooks had taken their mojo? Also, that rumor in the middle of 2018 that at least one big tech giant was giving up on the space altogether?

File that under ‘false alarm.’

Cut to the second half of 2018, and it seems like we have come full circle. Android tablets are back in vogue and how.

A slew of new tablets are getting to the store shelves in time for the Indian festive season (read: gifts), fueled by competition among the platforms of the day, and more importantly, our growing need to be multitasking ninjas.

For the multitasker!

A growing segment of consumers across the world are now choosing multi-function devices to multitask and to bridge the divide between work and play. Tablets that can double up as laptops have an obvious appeal to this audience.

There are many advantages to such devices. First and foremost is the flexibility, as one can go from note-taking to the latest Netflix show in a matter of few flips.

Then, of course, is the real-world advantage of not carrying multiple devices, offering one’s back and shoulders some respite. Trust us, there is a lot of dead weight that can be cut between a tablet for the couch and a laptop for work.

And last, but never least in the Indian context, we are talking about some serious savings here. A 2-in-1 puts money back into one’s pocket, and that can never be a bad thing.

So, which one?

While there are many tablets across platforms to choose from, the one to keep an eye out for is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the new flagship Android tablet that the Korean giant is launching in the Indian market this October.

Aimed at an audience that is looking to get more out of their tablets and that too while making a style statement, the Galaxy Tab S4 has garnered some early excitement across the Android community. Here is what we know about the Galaxy Tab S4 so far.

A bigger display

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you know that smartphones are only getting bigger. That seems to be the trend with tablets too. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 will also go in that direction, supersizing to a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display that keeps pace with its rivals in the market and should ace video streaming and content creation.

As with all Samsung devices, expect the display to be bright and sharp.

galaxy tab s4

The S Pen is still a star

Critics may be divided over the stylus function and what it adds to a smartphone or tablet, but there has never really been a debate on what the S Pen has done for Samsung’s Galaxy range.

For the multitasker, the S Pen is an essential tool that makes full use of all the features that the Galaxy range offers. The S-Pen is expected to become even more stylish. How Samsung manages that will be seen once the product is launched and we see the device.


The Dex experience

What today’s multitasking mobile warriors need to watch for with the Galaxy Tab S4 is Samsung Dex—a proprietary software that gives Android a desktop makeover, complete with windows and browser tabs.

This feature alone could make the Galaxy Tab S4 a game changer if the S8 experience with Dex is anything to go by.

Dex would transform the Galaxy Tab S4 into a device that will sit perfectly between the best Apple and Microsoft have to offer: a fully touch compatible device that works like a desktop when hooked up to a keyboard and mouse.

There will be additional features, such as the interesting 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, of which we will learn more about once the Galaxy Tab S4 launches on October 18.

We will be sure to follow up once it does and bring you an in-depth review of what potentially could be the most exciting, new tablet in town.


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